What is Provelic?

PROVELIC™, the premier decision support Web-based software solution provides access to market, clinical and physician healthcare data. The easy to use report wizard allows you to use your own propriety data to create standard and customer reports. The Provelic product is a business analytics data mining tool that includes system features and database enhancements that optimize an organization’s analytic capabilities.

How can Provelic benefit your organization?

PROVELIC™ elevates healthcare decision making at all levels of your organization and provides access to the most updated state-wide inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department data via any computer, Smartphone or browser-equipped mobile device. Our clients seek the most comprehensive physician referral and patient-level utilization information for all of the competitors in their markets. Provelic offers unique multi-layered reporting of real time benchmarking and utilization information that is both easy to use and provides a level of detail that is needed by the most experienced analysts.

PROVELIC™ is easy to use; accessible anywhere you have access to internet services and is affordable. This is especially important for small healthcare hospitals, ambulatory and consulting services where resources are limited but where data drives decisions. There is no need for IT support or maintenance of software and databases.

The name Provelic (pronounced pro-VEL-ic), was designed from the key drivers of the product's development: strategic, professional, leveraging of best practices and analytical. The logo mark illustrates the product's ability to provide basic to intricate data points for all types of users.